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BrainSigns again awarded as Italian excellence

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BrainSigns has received 2 awards as Italian excellence for the category Research and Training in the splendid location of the Aula dei Gruppi Parlamentari within the Camera dei Deputati.

On 19 June the Gala of Made in Italy was held with the presence of institutional authorities, politicians and public personalities of the show business and the press to reward  the “Italia of the credit” and those who have distinguished themselves by quality, entrepreneurial spirit and professionalism.

Prof. Fabio Babiloni, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of BrainSigns, present in the list of the Top Italian scientists and first Italian author to publish scientific articles on neuromarketing applications, has been awarded in the category Research and Training, for being distinguished in the research and international scientific dissemination activities of neuromarketing and for the application of this discipline in the business world.

Ing. Gianluca Borghini, Bioengineer of BrainSigns, also received an award for his excellent international contribution in the development and application of Bioengineering methodologies in operational contexts, such as aviation and air traffic control.

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We are proud of receiving these achievements for the work done in the areas of Research and Training, since the event represents an important opportunity to enhance the excellencies of our country.

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