Prácticas y estancias

“Las prácticas o estancias representan una verdadera experiencia en el sector en el que puedes trabajar en proyectos específicos con investigadores cualificados en un entorno dinámico"

Dr. Arianna Trettel, BrainSigns CEO


En BrainSigns puedes realizar una experiencia de prácticas durante la cual tendrás la oportunidad de colaborar en la gestión de un proyecto científico, conocer la dinámica de la empresa e interactuar con el equipo.

Muchos han terminado las prácticas con satisfacción.

El periodo de prácticas podría enmarcarse en una de las siguientes áreas:

  • Neuromarketing
  • Neuroestética
  • Factores humanos
  • Aplicaciones clínicas
  • Pruebas de NeuroUX

Recomendamos la solicitud de prácticas en BrainSigns a quienes hayan elegido estudiar uno de estos campos: neurociencia, psicología, ingeniería y economía.

El conocimiento de la lengua inglesa, el conocimiento de los lenguajes de programación (MATLAB, C++, PHP, ...) son habilidades muy apreciadas en BS.

¿Quién ha estado en BrainSigns?

    • foto turku 1Turku Bayramoglu Istinye University of Turkey

      "I’m a medical student and ı worked as a intern in brainsigns. Brainsigns team is a multidisciplinary team and ı involved clinical application studies such a developing some research program in the area of neurology and cerebral signal processing. During my internship in BrainSigns I improved my skills. It was a great experience to working with such a productive team."

    • foto wenfenDr.Wenfen LingHangzhou Dianzi University of China

      "It’s a wonderful and memorable experience to study and work in BrainSigns. During this time, we cooperate in collecting emotional multimodal physiological signal data for brain and machine collaborative intelligence in emotion recognition. The professor and people in the lab are all warm and friendly, I have learnt a lot and we are spending a meaningful and excellent time together!"

    • linaDr. Lina OzturkMersin University in Turkey

      "I’ve been interested in Neuromarketing research since the day I started my PhD in marketing. I have followed the researches in literature by theoretical for years. Thanks to Brainsigns company, I have been able to work with an expert, erudite and friendly teammates. They gave me opportunity to participate neuromarketing research experiences in practical way, improve my skills and enthusiasm to work more eagerly in neuromarketing. "

    • alessandro sanchezDr. Alessandro Sanchez Master's Degree in Psychology of Communication and Marketing, Sapienza

      " I began my experience in BrainSigns for my masters degree in 2017 and later decided to remain for an internship. During the internship I got in touch with Neuromarketing in the best possible way, namely by applying it in real world settings and looking at the practical results. A young, enthusiastic and expert team is what makes great spending every day in the laboratory, giving everyone the opportunity to discover totally different fields of knowledge, that eventually turn out to be complementary. "

    • carolina okDr. Carolina Ortega GamónLicenciatura en Administracción y Dirección de Empresas, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Máster en Desarrollo Profesional-Universidad de Alcalá, Máster en Neuromarketing-Universidad Internacional de La Rioja

      " BrainSigns me ha permitido cumplir mi sueño, iniciar mi carrera profesional en el campo de la neurociencia y el neuromarketing, aprendiendo cada día más sobre cómo funciona el cerebro del ser humano. Además, he podido colaborar en diversos experimentos e investigaciones científicas, aportando mi propio granito de arena y creciendo profesionalmente. Gracias BrainSigns por esta maravillosa experiencia y por potenciar e impulsar el talento entre los estudiantes, tanto nacionales como internacionales."

    • Ana Martinez LevyDr. Ana Martinez LevyMaster's degree in Neuromarketing, International University of La Rioja, Logroño (Spain)

      " BrainSigns has given me the opportunity to discover the world of neuromarketing from a practical point of view. I have been able to work in a very dynamic atmosphere and it has enabled me to apply everything that I had studied during my masters degree in Spain. Without a doubt, it's the best international company where you can complete this type of learning, with very attentive and implicated employees. "

    • Matteo BarbarossaDr. Matteo BarbarossaBachelor Degree in Marketing and Business Organization, University of Modena e Reggio Emilia

      " Working in Brainsigns it i realized a dream started 4 years ago with the books of Vance Packard and Martin Lindstrom. Mindblowing insights. I'm supadupa passionate about Marketing and Branding and in how psychology and neuroscience could integrate the marketing function, impacting the entire world of marketing, in order to create better advertisement, better products, better communications, better decision making process, better point of purchase environment, better logo and maybe a better world! "

    • Justyna GruszkowskaDr. Justyna GruszkowskaBachelor Degree in Management with specialty in Marketing, University of Economics in Cracow

      " Brainsigns gave me an opportunity to develop my knowledge in neuromarketing field, in which I had been interested in during my studies. Since the first day of my internship I met people, who were extremely helpful and kind. At every step of my work here I always could count on help and patience. Chance of participating in various meetings and researches of different projects gave me unforgettable experience. Internship in Brainsigns gave me not only theoretical knowledge, but most of all practical preparation for my further education. "

    • Alexia de la Morena Dr. Alexia de la Morena PhD , Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM)

      " Working with BrainSigns one of the most important international companies in the field of Neuroscience with a wide neuroscientific research conducted by international eminent neuroscientist has meant for me to reach incredible profesional goals thanks to the expansion of new knowledge in Advertising on the findings in Neuromarketing."

    • Wenting YangDr. Wenting-Yang PhD in psychology and behavioral science, Zhejiang University

      " I was really happy to have had the opportunity to collaborate and to perform my research in BrainSigns. During my stay in BrainSigns, I have borden my knowledge in neuroscience and its method; I have the opportunity to acquire the biomedical data. It is an irreplaceable experience to me. "

    • Isotta VenutiDr. Isotta Venuti Master's Degree in Psychology of Communication and Marketing, Sapienza

      " During my internship in Brain Signs I could improve my skills by integrating the interest I previously had for social psychology together with neuroscientific tools. It was a very formative experience for the dynamic environment and the heterogeneity of the working team. "

    • Giulia RossiDr. Giulia RossiMaster's Degree in Psychology of Communication and Marketing, Sapienza

      " My internship in BrainSigns gave me the opportunity to improve my skills in the field of social psychology and in the advertising field. With modern neuroscience, such fields perfectly integrated.The young environment and the multidisciplinary team have stimulated my professional growth, allowing me to find out new point of view. "

    • Annamaria CrupiDr. Annamaria CrupiMaster's degree in Economics and Commerce, University of Siena

      " I graduated in Economics and Commerce in Siena, with a penchant for Marketing and Communications, arriving in Brainsigns as an intern because of a Master in territorial promotion, which conclude with a thesis on new "challenges" of market research. The result was unexpected: Today I am really passionate in Neuroscience!"

    • Marco ManciniDr. Marco ManciniMaster's Degree in Psychology of Communication and Marketing, Sapienza

      " I met BrainSigns during tmy post-graduate internship. What impressed me most was the scientific preparation of a young team, the determination and the future orientation that emerges in all aspects treated by the company. I think anyone who has been here can say that it represents a unique experience. "

    • Ilenia GrazianiDr. Ilenia GrazianiMaster's Degree in General and Experimental Psychology, Sapienza

      " I arrived in BrainSigns for post-graduate internship in 2012. Since then I have worked in Neuromarketing sectors and Cognitive State and still today I collaborate occasionally. BrainSigns multidisciplinary and cutting edge offers the opportunity to absorb professionalism, competence and determination in a dynamic and stimulating environment that totally involves, thanks to a prepared and available team. "