Thesis work

“The Thesis Work in BrainSigns represents a big opportunity for students that wish to acquire unique competencies and be involved in a real scientific project"

Prof. Fabio Babiloni, BrainSigns Chief Scientific Officer

thesis work

Do you want be part of a multidisciplinary team of experts and play an active role within a BS scientific project?  

At BrainSigns we are proud to help young students giving them the opportunity to write their own thesis work on a scientific project and to acquire unique competencies.

Your thesis work might be framed within one of the following experimental and industrial area:

  • NeuroMarketing
  • Neuro Aesthetics
  • Cognitive States in Operative Environments
  • Clinical Application
  • Neuro Politic

BrainSigns researchers and experts are coming from the fields of neuroscience, psychology, engineering and economics, thus we would really recommend to apply to those students that have achieved competencies in one of these fields. Nevertheless, we invite to apply also to those students coming from different faculties that are particularly interested in the BrainSigns Research Areas and are highly motivated to learn.

International experience, Very good English language skills, Programming knowledge (MATLAB, C++, PHP,...) are really appreciated.

Who was in BrainSigns?    


  • daniele 2 Dr. Michele CiminiMaster’s Degree in Marketing, University of Bari “Aldo Moro”

    "I am really proud to have had the opportunity to develop my experimental project for my Master's thesis in BrainSigns. Dr. Marco Mancini, my professor of Neuromarketing and company tutor, followed me through all the phases of the project: from bibliographic research to data analysis, passing through the experience in the Neuromarketing lab, where I met the other professionals in the team.To date, it is definitely one of the best professional experiences I have had."

  • daniele 2 Dr. Giulia BastoniMaster's Degree in Organization and Marketing for Business Communication, Sapienza

    "BrainSigns gave me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of the world of neuroscience and, despite the limitations imposed by covid, I was able to carry out a very stimulating research project and complete my studies just as I wanted. The team is really competent and available and the comfortable working climate allowed me to tackle each step in the right and rewarding way."

  • daniele 2 Dr. Daniele SassoMaster's Degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychological Rehabilitation, Sapienza

    "I had the opportunity to collaborate with BrainSigns for the preparation of my master's thesis in Cognitive Neuroscience. It was an immersive experience that allowed me to take part in the international project "Neurogaming 2018" through interaction with a stimulating and professional environment, and above all to start my journey in an innovative and exciting field of study."

  • lorenza 3 Dr. Lorenza De MarinisMaster's Degree in Psychology of Communication and Marketing, Sapienza

    "I had the pleasure to develop the research for my master's thesis in BrainSigns. It has been an educational experience that allowed me to deeply investigate the neuromarketing. I worked with a multidisciplinary team of professionals so I had the chance to learn something new everyday. They gave me the opportunity to use the softwares and the tools needed for the investigation. BrainSigns has surely represented to me an opportunity for professional and personal growth."

  • Azzurra 2 Dr. Azzurra FioreMaster's Degree in Psychology of Communication and Marketing, Sapienza

    "The thesis experience in BrainSigns was a great challenge and a wonderful opportunity! Working with a multidisciplinary team was exciting and enriched me from an academic and personal point of view. The serene atmosphere and the young and smart team, always ready to support you, have made this experience unique."

  • foto viviana Dr. Viviana RondinoneMaster's Degree in Psychology of Communication and Marketing, Sapienza

    "BrainSigns was a unique, stimulating and formative thesis experience at an academic and personal level. I am satisfied with my choice and I enjoyed working on a project with a young and dynamic team. This opportunity allowed me to improve functional soft skills for my personal and professional growth."

  • silvia c 3 Dr. Silvia CacciottiMaster's Degree in Psychology of Communication and Marketing, Sapienza

    "Writing my master's thesis in the BrainSigns laboratories was a challenge and a great opportunity. I had the opportunity to take care of all the phases of an experimental project using typical neuromarketing tools and I was followed and supported by a fantastic and cohesive team."

  • foto Luca Dr. Luca TamborraMaster's Degree in Biomedical Engineering, Sapienza

    "Performing my master's thesis in the neuroscience field at the BrainSigns laboratories has satisfied and exceeded my expectations. The proposed projects are varied and all stimulating; the team, prepared and professional, has been of fundamental importance for the achievement of my goals. "

  • foto Ilaria ok Dr. Ilaria SimonettiMaster's Degree in Biomedical Engineering, Sapienza

    "BrainSigns' thesis experience has proved to be an excellent starting point for academic and professional growth thanks to a dynamic and stimulating environment and a team always ready to help you and motivate you. I am fully satisfied to have been part of such innovative and interesting neuroscience projects. "

  • Liviana Lo ReDr. Liviana Lo ReMaster's Degree in Marketing Analytics and Metrics, Luiss Guido Carli

    "BrainSigns is a beautiful reality that encapsule everything that I find stimulating from an academic and working point of view. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to discover every day more fascinating and new aspects of NeuroMarketing in a dynamic environment that leaves a lot of space to the individuality and creativity of each of us, giving always the necessary support to overcome every problem. In addition this experience allows me to develop important soft skills such as problem solving or team working, contributing significantly to my personal growth."

  • Maria Concetta NuceraDr. Maria Concetta NuceraMaster's degree in Business Management curriculum Marketing, Sapienza

    " Having the opportunity to write a thesis in BrainSigns proved to be the best choice for my growth path not only academic but also personal. Being part of a diverse but cohesive team has motivated me to push beyond traditional knowledge of marketing's concept, to explore the world of Neuromarketing. The daily challenges and the climate of the team's collaboration have motivated and allowed me to learn techniques, innovative methods that will be of great support for my future work challenges."

  • Caterina MicalizziDr. Caterina MicalizziMaster's degree in Business Management curriculum Marketing, Sapienza

    "Believe in yourself, give your best and cooperate. The experience in Brainsigns led me to the extraordinary world of neuromarketing and involved me in a dynamic, young and active working reality. Brainsigns' team, composed by different people cooperating together, helped me during the entire research study. For this reason, this work has not been only my master's degree's thesis, but a personal growth in several aspects such as team-working and knowledge. I believe that this invaluable experience can be a solid base to build my professional career."

  • mattia merraDr. Mattia MerraMaster's Degree in Psychology of Communication and Marketing, Sapienza

    " Thanks to BrainSigns I have learned to address the criticalities of any project with a scientific approach. In this context I learned how to use neuromarketing techniques and theories and I acquired new, more complete reading keys to deal with the world of work. Here I have learned how to collect, manage, and interpret data effectively. "

  • Elena CorsiDr. Elena CorsiMaster's Degree in Biomedical Engineering, Sapienza

    " Thanks to the activities carried out at BrainSigns I acquired competencies related to the acquisition and processing of biomedical data by means of neuroscientific tools and software. Such experience will certainly be crucial for my future career. "

  • Roberto-VerdirosaDr. Roberto VerdirosaMaster's Degree in Biomedical Engineering, Sapienza

    " My experience in BS has allowed me to increase my knowledge relating to the acquisition and processing of biosignals and discover the fascinating world of Neuroscience being active part of a young team of experts. I will definitely take this experience with me forever. "

  • Silvia PerrottaDr. Silvia PerrottaMaster's Degree in Biomedical Engineering, Sapienza

    " I chose to write my thesis work in BrainSigns because I was attracted by the innovative science of neuromarketing. Working at "NeuroDante" project, together with an experienced team, it has been so stimulating and it enriched my knowledge on the study and analysis of electroencephalographic signals. "

  • Milu CampochiaroDr. Milù CampochiaroMaster's Degree in Psychology of Communication and Marketing, Sapienza

    " BrainSigns was for me a really new and stimulating environment, where I had the opportunity to grow thanks to the competent team that taught me new ways of working. An innovative environment, professional and multidisciplinary in which engineers, psychologists and marketing experts work together to achieve a common goal: do research. I'm really happy to have had the opportunity to work alongside with the BS Team . "

  • Gianluca Di FlumeriDr. Gianluca Di FlumeriMaster's Degree in Biomedical Engineering, Sapienza

    " Growth, satisfaction and cohesion: with these three concepts I can summarize my fantastic experience at BrainSigns. Professional growth first. Gratification, because each result receives due credit. Cohesion, because each person of the team can be at the same time a superior, a colleague or a friend. "

  • Roberta BernaudoDr. Roberta BernaudoMaster's Degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychological Rehabilitation, Sapienza

    " The experience I carried out in Brainsigns gave me the opportunity to deepen the survey methods studied during my academic career, giving me the chance to develop an alternative point of view so stimulating thanks to the working environment and to a young and friendly team of experts. "

  • Adriano PaolettiDr. Adriano PaolettiMaster's Degree in Biomedical Engineering, Sapienza

    " The collaboration with BrainSigns, while I was writing my thesis, has been a highly formative experience from both sides, human and professionally. It allowed me to work with a multidisciplinary team from whom I learned more than I expected and it is an experience that I recommend to all students in biomedical engineering."

  • Elena LeroseDr. Elena LeroseMaster's Degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychological Rehabilitation, Sapienza

    " I chose to write my thesis work in BrainSigns for the curiosity and the interest it has aroused in the field of neuromarketing. The project "NeuroDante" to which I am participating is giving me the chance to use the neuroscientific tools to make practice, within a very stimulating work environment, creative, collaborative and serene. "

  • Sara MarconDr. Sara MarconMaster's Degree in Psychology of Communication and Marketing, Sapienza

    " My experience in BrainSigns has been very enjoyable and educational, it allowed me to work with great professionals in a multidisciplinary context and to participate directly in the realization of an experiment, within the Neuromarketing area, that aimed to explore aspects never investigated before in literature. "

  • Vanessa CecchetelliDr. Vanessa CecchetelliMaster's Degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychological Rehabilitation, Sapienza

    " A dynamic, young and innovative environment, where I was able to learn much and to grow professionally and personally. During my thesis work I've worked at the SmokeFreeBrain project: an excellent opportunity to expand knowledge concerning industrial neuroscience."

  • Simona PauDr. Simona PauMaster's Degree in Psychology of Communication and Marketing, Sapienza

    " My Thesis work carried out in BrainSigns addressed the issue of the optimal frequency of exposure to commercials, using tools such as the EEG, the GSR and the HR. Being in BrianSigns has been particularly challenging from both personal and academic side and it allowed me to deepen knowledge in the areas of marketing, neurosciences, statistics and psychology. "

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