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Testing Adv stimuli with neuromarketing indicators helps to improve their effectiveness and reveals original consumer’s insights.

Our methods and knowledge in the field allow the effective testing of instinctive perceptions of commercials or images by measuring their impact in terms of Attention, Memory, Workload, Interest and Emotion with advanced scientific methods based on physiological signals.

Measuring physiological reactions with innovative indicators is extremely performant as advanced knowledge in neuroscience has demonstrated that instinctive unconscious processes are key drivers in the motivation of human behavior but they are difficult to reveal in verbal interview because most of them are unconscious.

Including this kind of indicators in the research process may really improve the efficacy of ADV communication and bring to the table interesting insights otherwise not visible. This does not mean conditioning the single consumer but rather considering all the aspects influencing a consumer’ choices and their behavior as a whole. Adding and combining these methods with traditional ones has nowadays become a “must” in ADV testing.

How We Work

BrainSigns' expertise is indeed well known worldwide with many scientific articles in the field published on the most respected international scientific journals. Various Technologies are involved:

eeg50x50  Eyetracker  hr  gsr  facialcoding  IAT  interview

Thanks to advanced technologies and many years of expertise, the signals collected are analyzed with indicators validated in scientific publications, and comparable with results of previous tests.

Neuro indicators referring to unconscious reactions support the innovative analysis about stimuli effectiveness in terms of their execution as well as in terms of their concept strength and composition. A large database with more than 300 commercials already tested provides indicator benchmarks in a range of market fields, while the many years of experience of our team of neuromarketing analysts garantees our clients a high quality analysis of the results, keeping the attention on our client’s marketing goals and to integration with the other traditional research methods they already use.


What you will get:

  • Understanding the subconscious behavior of consumers in different targets during ADV perception in terms of attention, emotion, interest(i.e. value instinctive attribution) or cognitive workload
  • Discover the distribution of visual attention in ADV images and the weight of specific areas of interest
  • Which time-segments of a commercial require higher cognitive effort in attention, memory and cognitive workload
  • Which time-segments of a commercial have positive or negative emotional or interest impact
  • Understanding by peaks the key frames for each indicators which often reveals unexpected unconscious insights
  • Obtaining useful indications for better tuning the details of the stimuli as a guide for reducing the length of commercials, also adopting different versions to different key sub-targets

Other FAQ we easily can provide answer :

  • What is the emotional impact elicited during brand or product presentation?
  • How is the customer's attention is distributed during the commercial viewing and how is their emotion in the meanwhile?
  • What visual elements or time segments generate confusion?
  • Does the product and brand proposition elicit positive emotions?