Ethical code

“Innovation with respect of people rights and EU legal ethical code"

Arianna Trettel, BrainSigns President and CEO

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BrainSigns applies techniques based on physiological signals recording to develop innovative applications useful to improving Industrial production, Society Welfare or Humans care respecting people health and freedom in any purpose and execution.

We offer research services or software developments always referring to such philosophical approach. It means that:

  • recording of bio-signals is always carried out with certified technologies, respecting the same protocols required in the medical field, requiring signed informed consent to people involved in measurements.
  • algorithms applied for signal elaboration of neuro-indicators are based on corroborated science knowledge of BrainSigns R&D teams (

People involved in research trials are always considered

  • free to suspend the trial and to request to cancel their data at any time, during and after the trial itself
  • they are informed in advance about the methods data treatments and data storage
  • they are informed about the general purpose of the experiment in advance and then they can require more detailed specifications on the purpose of the study they are taking part in after the experiment is completed.

We are Europe based and European GDPR compliance is strictly observed in all the chain of data treatments and particular attention is due to the emerging legal and ethical issues related to the field of “neuro-rights” and neuroscience applications.

Regarding Neuromarketing application BrainSigns also adheres to the ethical code recognized by the members of the “Neuromarketing Science and Business Association (Ethical Code details).