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Are you interested in testing your website, your app or your social media channels using the most advanced Neuroscientific Tools and Knowledge?

Our advanced tools and neuromarketing techniques can help you to understand not only why visitors leave your website or why your web site conversion rate is not as you would expect it, but they will help you to detect those insights connected with instinctive perception that are crucial to improve the success of your web site, app and social sites.

Web site, App and Social Media testing provided by BrainSigns is really innovative because it includes measure of neurometric and emotional indicators accurately selected from decades of experience in neuromarketing studies.

Such a research field is extremely profitable for our clients, as the most common web analytics software (e.g. Google Analytics, Yahoo Web Analytics and also many other paid alternatives) can today provide really useful objective metrics about what the visitors do but they lack a deeper understanding of why your customer actually behaves in a specific way. This makes it extremely difficult to develop strategies fully affecting the consumers behavior and to increase the conversion rate.

How We Work:

The technologies involved in a basic web site, app or Social Media Test are the following ones:

eeg50x50  Eyetracker  hr  gsr  usability software  facialcoding  IAT  interview

Using such advanced techniques it is possible to measure unconscious perceptions combined with the results of usability tests also considering each type of device (desktop,tablet,smartphone,smartwatch).

Thanks to these technologies and to  the highly skilled expertise in usability, interface and web design of our interdisciplinary research team, we will help you to get real Neuromarketing and valuable insights to overcome marketing threats and beat your competition.


What you will get:

      • Understand the subconscious behaviour of your consumers while they spontaneously interact with your website
      • Detect the emotional impact caused by the whole experience of web site navigation
      • Reveal the distribution of visual attention elicited by the pages or specific areas of interest
      • Understand which areas require higher cognitive effort and how they impact on the whole user experience
      • Understand what the user feels when facing usability issues of different severity levels
      • Learn the unconscious reasons for people’s actions
      • Insights to firmly decide which version of a web page, of your app main screen and of your social media page performs better (A/B testing)
      • Identify the paths chosen by users, the average time on page, the number of page views, the exit pages, the user flow and many other crucial web metrics 
      • Understand which process, images, set up of pages is crucial to change in order to solve the problems in usability of the customers, enhancing their understanding of the messages, the fluency of the path and, the emotion perceived in the navigation.

      Questions that could be answered:

          • Which paths are your customer eyes following on a specific page?
          • Which is the emotional impact elicited 6 seconds before your customer purchase?
          • How is your customer's attention deployed on your Facebook business page? Which image posted on your social media page draws higher attention?
          • Is there something among the visual elements generating confusion?
          • Does your logo elicit positive emotions?

      Anywhere in the world, on any type of device you can request a Web site, App and Social Media testing and achieve unique Neuromarketing Insights.