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Dear BrainSigns friends,

it seems to be on a page of a book never read or that time has suddenly brought us back, in the Middle Ages or in the epidemics stories of the 19th century historical novels ... unfortunately, however, all this is reality and we, like all our nation, have been #stayathome since 9 March.

However, our team is always operative, each from their own home desk with use of teleconferencing systems.

Our NeuroTests are suspended but we are active in designing new studies ready to start quickly as soon as possible. Paradoxically, there is a lot of space now to think about changes of direction and new orientations to be studied in a Neuromarketing key.

BrainSigns is always available for any information and for all restart projects, write to us on social networks or to our email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We send everyone a virtual greeting!!

BrainSigns Team





Agenda CERTAMENTE 2020

This year CERTAMENTE back offering a rich and interesting tray of topics.

The most important event on neuromarketing in Italy will take place on February the 12 th, at Le Village by Crédit Agricole, a wonderful location in the heart of Milan with 12 speeches and 3 parallel sessions.

Prof. Fabio Babiloni, Physiology Professor at the University of Rome Sapienza and Scientific Director of BrainSigns, will open the event with a “brain friendly” introduction to Neuromarketing and Behavioural Sciences.

Subsequently Liraz Margalit (keynote speaker, specialized in online consumer behaviour and cognitive psychology), Crawford Hollingworth (co-founder of The Behavioural Architects), Louise Evans (Founder and Director of The 5 Chairs) and Matteo Motterlini  (Professor at the San Raffaele University) will show how, starting from the study of behavior and emotions and from the observation of brain function, we can create innovative strategic approaches to be applied in different contexts, especially in business.

In the afternoon there will be concrete business cases: three thematic sessions in parallel dedicated to strategiescommunication and retail.

The importance of multisensory and multimedia communication will be discussed, illustrating strategies successfully applied in great companies. The ability of Neuromarketing to bring communication to its biggest potential, in the Danacol case, will be explained. Also it will be understood, thanks to behavioral sciences, which elements generate a greater interest and emotional involvement during the consumer experience in the stores.

Rory Sutherland (vice-president of Ogilvy UK) will close the conference with a talk on the relationship between behavioural sciences and communication, a perfect combination for business strategies and more effective messages.

As always, the conference will be a good opportunity to collect new ideas to be put into in the company's marketing and communication practices.



Certamente 2020

Certamente is back.   

The fifth edition of the first and most authoritative Italian Neuromarketing conference "CERTAMENTE" gives you appointment at Le Village by Crédit Agricole, a wonderful location in the heart of Milan, on February the 12th, 2020.

The event brings together scholars, experts and companies to investigate and discuss the positive effects of the neuro-scientific approach to marketing and business, through practical cases, testimonials and updates at national and international level.

BrainSigns is partner of 8su9 in the organization of the event CERTAMENTE which will be introduced by Prof. Babiloni’s report on Neuromarketing and Behavioral Sciences.

Registration is already open... for more information visit the site:


Epilepsy and High Frequency Oscillations (HFOs)

The online workshop "Epilepsy and high frequency oscillations (HFO)" will be held on 22 November, it is organized by the Horizon 2020 HOPE RISE project which our spin-off BrainSigns is part.

It is lead by high profile researchers from the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy and US. Join for free!

Register and attend:

Learn more:  


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