Art and Neuroscience in an installation art “El Observador” exhibited in the Cultural Centre “La Termica”, in Malaga, Spain

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The art installation has been created including collaboration with BrainSigns,  by two young artists Deborah Elias and Candela Olarte.

They realized it inside a program named “Conjunction Y”, combining together an artistic video art and a video showing the results of physiological signals in observers perceiving it.

BrainSigns has recorded neuro-indicators from 30 persons during the vision of the video and then analysed the results.

 Arte e Neuroscienza


The art installation will be exhibited in Malaga, Spain till 17th of July in a show space hosting operas of young Spanish promising artists.

The results of the perception experiment has also  been showed to the public in a conference on 10th June (highlights readable in this document).


Bioengineering Researcher

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