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Double award for Innovation and Excellence in Lazio for Neuromarketing Revive headset

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During the inauguration of the 2021 ADI Design Index exhibition at the Confindustria’s headquarters Auditorium della Tecnica in Rome, the 2021 ADI Design Index Innovation Award was presented to "Revive", a tool developed by BrainSigns to read brain signals in Neuromarketing researches.

This device was judged: “Innovation capable of combining emotions and rules, opening up new application scenarios to be explored.”

In the same event, the Revive project was also awarded the Design Excellence Award in Lazio 2021. The award, promoted by the ADI Lazio Territorial Delegation with the support of the Lazio Region, is given every year to designers and companies working in and from the Lazio Region and which have been selected in the ADI Design Index.

We are proud to have received these awards for the project carried out which testifies to the innovation and vitality of Italian design.


First Mindtooth demo at EATS 2021: 19th European Airline Training Symposium

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On the 2th and 3rd November in Berlin took place EATS 2021: The 19th European Airline Training Symposium, an aviation tradeshow that brings together the industry’s leading professionals to promote safety and share best practices in pilot training and cabin crew training. 

BrainSigns was a guest at the UrbeAero stand and carried out the first public live demo with the Mindtooth prototype for the measurement of human factors: "Mindtooth LIVE Demo: come to see real-time assessment of human factors by Measuring your brain activity".

The results of the ongoing validation to the simulators of the UrbeAero Flight School were also presented at the stand. 

The possibility of introducing the use of neurometrics in this field has aroused many interest among the operators who attended the stand.


Mostra ADI DESIGN INDEX 2021- esposizione headset “Revive”

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L’headset “Revive”, impiegato nei test di Neuromarketing, sviluppato in BrainSigns e disegnato dal nostro designer Francesco Della Monica, è stato esposto al Design Museum Milano in occasione della Mostra ADI DESIGN INDEX 2021 di prodotti italiani selezionati dall’Associazione Design Italiano (ADI) per il Premio Compasso d’oro.

I prodotti selezionati, 233 sulle 1.017 candidature presentate, sono suddivisi in vari ambiti tematici. Accanto alla classica sezione del Design per l’abitare sono numerosi i prodotti del Design dei materiali e dei sistemi tecnologici, quelli della Ricerca per l’impresa e della Ricerca teorica che testimoniano l’innovazione e la vitalità del design italiano.

Dal 18 Novembre la mostra sarà trasferita per due settimane a Roma al Palazzo di Confindustria Auditorium della Tecnica, viale Umberto Tupini 65.

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