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EY Wavespace: a Neuroscience Laboratory for evolving companies

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EY Wavespace is born in Rome, a collective intelligence laboratory equipped with the most advanced technologies, to allow organizations and companies to benefit from a space dedicated to collaboration and integration of skills.

Thanks to applied research in the field of human and artificial intelligence, it is possible to promote and encourage the development of innovative learning processes.

The 700 m2 wavespace integrates progressive knowledge of Applied Neuroscience and Behavioral Psychology and BrainSigns has provided technologies for the evaluation of the psychological and neurophysiological parameters integrated into the consultancy services offered in the Center.

The layout of the rooms is highly innovative and aimed at developing transformation processes that keep human relationships at the center of the scene.

The current objective of Wavespace is to give a real contribution to companies and the economic recovery of Italy, after these months of health emergency.


Neuromarketing On-line Tests

After the COVID emergency of spring 2020, BrainSigns developed specific remotely Neuromarketing online tests, measuring the emotional reactions and eye tracking of numerous users while observing marketing products from their computers. These tests are based on the use of webcams with tested and reliable technology that can be easily operated by testers from their PC without the need for plug-ins or special downloads.

The system used applies advanced algorithms that guarantee a high quality of the data collected and the testing mode ensures the caution required in times of health emergency and attractive costs.

What can be tested and what can be achieved? 

1. Neuro test on-line on communication Advertising

The test is carried out through the measure of eye movements by the eye tracking device and through the measure of emotions by facial recognition. The subjects are recruited on samples of interest in CAWI mode even outside Italy.

Results that can be achieved:

  • Evaluations to improve the effectiveness of a TV commercial and/or press images of a campaign.
  • Comparisons between advertisements (A/B test) or between images.
  • Indications for the reduction of the number of seconds of an advertising clip.
  • Detailed sub-target analysis.

2. Neuro test online for digital solutions- Webs, Apps, Social Media

With the online mode you can analyze in detail the User Experience (UX) on web pages, or prototypes of mobile applications and integrate it with neuromarketing indicators on eye movements (by the eye-tracker device) and his emotions through facial coding as in the ADV tests.

Results that can be achieved:

  • General assessment of UX in interaction with a website, integrating indications about unconscious perceptions in terms of visual attention and emotion.
  • Accurate indications for improving the UX.
  • Multi-page comparison (A/B test).
  • Detailed sub-target analysis.

3. Psychometric test of implicit reactions

With an online method it is possible to study the implicit attitudes on brands, products, packagings and other marketing stimuli, measuring the strength of associative links between stimuli and concepts in memory, applying psychometric tests based on the speed of response. Also in this case, we proceed in CAWI mode on statistically significant samples in Italy or even abroad.

Results that can be obtained are for example:

  • Which attributes are most strongly associated with the brand or product at an instinctive level in a target audience.
  • Obtain more reliable information about the approval of a new logo or product.
  • Study which packaging design or auditory stimulus communicates better the benefits of the product or brand in an implicit level.

Mindtooth project kicked-off

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Mindtooth project kicked-off on the 24th - 25th (2020) of June in Rome and will last 24 months. The kick-off meeting, hosted by BrainSigns, was the occasion for the Consortium to meet and get to know project partners and the project officer, and to discuss and start planning the first project activities.

The challenge of the Mindtooth project is to allow the use of “out-of-the-lab” neuroscience in operational sectors by giving easy access to a large number of indicators related to different processes going on in the brain, namely neurometrics, such as the mental workload, fatigue, and attention.

Mindtooth project, within the Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) framework of the Horizon 2020 program, over the next 2 years will develop a wearable EEG headset, powered by BrainProducts technology, using BrainSigns Neurometrics, that will be well designed to be fully customizable in three specific operational contexts: Car driving simulators, Safety monitoring of industry workers, and Aviation training for pilots.

Mindtooth project boasts a skilled and multidisciplinary consortium that will face the challenges of developing a ready to market device, fully customized to the requirements of each specific context: the Mindtooth system, that it is expected to have a significant market impact across each application domain. This will just the first step to a much wider market impact for the MindTooth technology.

Mindtooth consortium brings together exceptional Partners from different countries (ES, DE, IT, IL) that congregate the necessary competence and critical mass in terms of expertise and resources to ensure the achievement of the project goals: BrainSigns, the Institute of Technology of Castilla y LeonBrain ProductsIBM Research – Haifa, UrbeAero, Airpilot training School in Rome.

The video shows in an easy way the objectives of Mindtooth system to be developed in the next 2 years.

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