Brainwaves: how to study the shopping behaviour in the supermarkets

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The research will be presented during the event  "Marketing Revolution - The Digital Challenge" on Friday, December 2nd, in the NH Milano Congress Centre. Further details at .


An innovative research, based on brainwaves' scanning and eye tracking,  has studied the non- verbal insights of several shoppers facing fruit and vegetable promotions, in some supermarkets in Rome.

It will be introduced as the first experiment of brainmarketing, in Italy, applied to the fruit and vegetables market.

The research was conducted by Agroter - a strategic consulting firm operating in the agricoltural sector, founded by Professor Roberto Della Casa (Professor of Marketing at the University of Bologna) - and BrainSigns (spin-off of Sapienza University of Rome, under the supervision of  Professor Fabio Babiloni).


The experiment demonstrates that - by crossing the data coming from the EEG and the eye tracking devices- it is possible to understand the features of the promotions that are most emotional for the consumers: what catches their eyes, and what touches them deep inside.

This method is able to investigate the non-rational reactions - the most important drivers of the buying decision process ( that cannot be expressed verbally by the consumers, who are not aware of these unconscious processes). This is an important result, considering that nearly 70-80% of the decisions regarding the promotions are taken directly in-store.

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