Neuromarketing during the economic crisis - Milan and Rome

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On May 15th – 20th, BrainSigns is presenting a new operative approach for the evaluation of the Advertising and of the Below the Line effectiveness.


  • 15th of May in Milan, from 9.15 AM at the ART, VIA CAMINADELLA, 2  
  • 20th of May in Rome, from 10.30 AM at the Casa dell’Aviatore, VIALE DELL’UNIVERSITA’, 20

During the workshop “Neuromarketing during the economic crisis” , prof. Fabio Babiloni, of the University of Rome “Sapienza”, will present the state of the art of this technology and a concrete and operative proposal about the application of these research techonlogies in line with the actual economic moment.

Such approach will combine the great potentiality of the Neuromarketing of analyzing deeply the emotive and immediate reactions to the communication, offering to the Companies good research investments during this particular economic moment.

The brochure of the event can be downloaded here: Brochure Open Client Neuromarketing Maggio2013

Nowadays the Neuromarketing makes us able to estimate the emotive and brain activity during advertising vision. Since years ago in the USA and in Europe, and now in Italy, the neuromarketing technologies are used for the evaluation of emotional and cerebral reactions of the customers while watching ads stimuli, by considering the importance of the immediate physical reaction in the decision making and perception processes, often not evaluable by verbal questionnaires. Such information corroborate and integrate the people’s interviews, giving a direct access to advert’s effect on the customers.

Morning program:

  • 9.15 AM – 12.00 PM in Milan or 10.15 AM – 1 PM in Rome, the talks program is:
  • Prof. Fabio Babiloni, Dep. of Fisiology and Pharmacology, Univ. “Sapienza” of Rome.  Neuroscience, marketing and innovative technologies in the marketing research.
  • Dr. Arianna Trettel, CEO BrainSigns s.r.l. Neuromarketing research: advantages and examples respect to the traditional research analysis. An open-client proposal for measuring the emotions and cerebral interest generated by the advertising.
  • Questions and workshop clousure.
  • Social buffet.

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