Second Neuromarketing test Open Client. Test your Ad!

After a succesfull application, shared between a group of different clients and companies, next November BrainSigns will promote the second edition of the Neuromatketing Open Client test for commercial TV.

It will be an easy opportunity for trying on the field the advantages of this new kind of marketing tests, based on neuroscience methods and giving information about physiological cognitive and emotional reactions that affect more than the 80 % of human decisions.

The advertising: gives happy, causes interest, is memorable and easy understandable? Or it is boring, noisy, difficult to understand or low or decreasing in attention? The body and the brain give us information about it, and neuromarketing test may efficiently measure the phenomena.

“There are brain and body signals today well measurable second by second, frame by frame, correlated to ads” says Fabio Babiloni, Phisiology Professor at the University “Sapienza” of Rome, Scientific Director at BrainSigns srl. “These signs measure memorization, attention, interest and, very interesting in the communication sector, emotions. All literatures are full of citations about physiological signs for emotions: increasing or decreasing of cardiac rate, the crying of homeric heroes, wet hands before a difficult test, and so on…”.

If you are interested in testing your own spot during the Open Client Neuromaketing test day, please:

  • Send to BrainSigns the spot and eventually indications about its copy-strategy for analyze the istinctive decoding of it and compare the results with the copy-strategy goals by the neuromarketing technology.

The Neuromarketing method has already generated a large database from more than 250 tests over 16 different commercial sectors, from which it is possible to find out specific market-benchmarks about all biometric indicators.

Marco Mancini

Head of Neuromarketing Lab at BrainSigns